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Police Cadet - G113

Columbus Consolidated Government

Columbus Consolidated Government

Columbus, GA, USA
Posted on Saturday, August 19, 2023
Major Duties and Responsibilities

Interested Persons Should Apply In Person At The Columbus Public Safety Building, 510 1Oth Street, Ground Floor or you can download and print an application by click on the following link

  • Receives and issues shotguns, sensors, electronic tracking systems, pepper ball guns, batteries, rubber gloves, and film.
  • Transports police vehicles to and from headquarters and the city shop for repairs; transports new vehicles.
  • Issues uniforms; creates new clothing files.
  • Inventories all equipment issued; restocks expendable supplies.
  • Assists the public over the phone and in person.
  • Signs and logs evidence and property in and out.
  • Ensures that evidence is logged in and organized correctly.
  • Ensures that the evidence supply table is stocked.
  • Responds to calls regarding evidence, property, and lost and found items.
  • Prepares monthly reports; make copies of reports and other documents.
  • Performs other related duties as assigned.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Knowledge of department rules and regulations.
  • Knowledge of organization and inventory management techniques.
  • Skill in interpersonal relations. 
  • Skill in the operation of a computer and other standard office equipment.
  • Skill in oral and written communication.
Minimum Educational and Training Requirements
Knowledge and level of competency commonly associated with the completion of specialized training in the occupational field, in addition to basic skills typically associated with a high school education. Sufficient experience, which provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the essential functions of the job. Must be eighteen (18) to nineteen (19) years of age, possess a valid driver's license; be able to pass an extensive background check and be interested in becoming a sworn law enforcement officer. Ability to meet current requirements set forth in the Georgia Mandate Law Enforcement Training Act/Peace Officer's Standards and Training Act.
Physical Requirements

The work is typically performed while intermittently sitting, standing, stooping, walking, bending, or crouching.  The employee frequently lifts light and heavy objects, climbs ladders, uses tools or equipment requiring a high degree of dexterity, and distinguishes between shades of color.   Additionally, the following physical abilities are required: 

  • Balancing – maintain equilibrium to prevent falling while walking, standing, or crouching.
  • Feeling – perceiving attributes of objects by touch with skin, fingertips.
  • Grasping – applying pressure to object with fingers, palm.
  • Handling – picking, holding, or working with whole hand.
  • Hearing 1 – perceiving sounds at normal speaking levels, receive information.
  • Hearing 2 – receive detailed information, make discrimination in sound.
  • Kneeling – bending legs at knee to come to rest at knees.
  • Lifting – raising objects from lower to higher position, moving objects side to side, using upper extremities, back.
  • Manual Dexterity – picking, pinching, typing, working with fingers rather than hand.
  • Pulling - use upper extremities to exert force, haul or tug.
  • Pushing – use upper extremities to press against objects with force, or thrust forward, downward, outward.
  • Reaching – extending hands or arms in any direction.
  • Repetitive Motion – substantial movements of wrists, hands, fingers.
  • Speaking – expressing ideas with spoken word, convey detailed, important instructions accurately, concisely.
  • Stooping – bending body downward, forward at waist, with full motion of lower extremities and back.
  • Talking 1- expressing ideas by spoken word
  • Talking 2 – shouting to be heard above ambient noise.
  • Visual Acuity 1 - prepare, analyze data, transcribing, computer terminal, extensive reading.
  • Visual Acuity 2 - color, depth perception, field of vision.
  • Visual Acuity 3 - determine accuracy, neatness, observe facilities/structures.
  • Visual Acuity 4 - operate motor vehicles/heavy equipment.
  • Visual Acuity 5 -close acuity for inspection of small defects, machines, use measurement devices, or fabricate parts.
  • Walking - on foot to accomplish tasks, long distances, or site to site.

The work is typically performed in an office, library, computer room, stockroom, warehouse, or outdoors where the employee may be exposed to dust, dirt, grease, machinery with moving parts, contagious or infectious diseases, irritating chemicals, and cold.