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Mechanic (Semi-Skilled)

Phenix City, Alabama

Phenix City, Alabama

Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Job Summary

Under general supervision assists skilled mechanics inspect, disassemble, rebuild and replace major units such as engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems, test overhauled equipment to ensure operating efficiency; assist skilled mechanics diagnose problems and repair automotive systems and components including brakes, fuel, exhaust and electrical systems, test working systems, components and accessories, make necessary adjustments and replaces worn or damaged parts. Performs preventive services on vehicles and equipment to include replacing filters, worn or damaged parts and adding fluids as needed. Mounts balances and repairs tires on vehicles and heavy equipment. Lubricates all necessary fittings and parts. Performs additional tasks in support of the Department as needed or upon request.

Essential Job Duties & Responsibilities

The following duties are normal for this position. The omission of specific statement of the duties does not exclude them from the classification if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment for this position. Other duties may be required, assigned and expected aside from those set forth below to address operational needs and changing operational practices.

  • Troubleshoots malfunctions to determine cause and type of repair needed.
  • Assists skilled mechanics in rebuilding engines in heavy equipment, vehicles, and tractors, replaces rod and main bearings.
  • Inspects equipment to determine type of repair needed and parts and supplies to perform repair. Assists skilled mechanics in performing major overhaul repairs to include re-building hydraulic systems, hydraulic pumps, small motors, cylinders, and standard transmissions.
  • Inspects gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles and equipment to determine repairs needed.
  • Repairs or replaces hoses, belts, fuel and hydraulic lines.
  • Replaces water and fuel pumps as needed.
  • Replaces blown bulbs and fuses, inspects signaling equipment and safety lights to ensure proper operating efficiency.
  • Replaces brake pads and shoes, packs wheel bearings.
  • Repairs suspension and front end parts as needed.
  • Makes minor body repairs such as door hinges, latches, mirrors, hitches, etc.
  • Confers with operators and drivers to determine problems or troubleshoots vehicle or equipment malfunctions to determine cause and type or repair needed.
  • Informs shop supervisor of problem and supplies needed to make repairs.
  • Test-drives vehicle or equipment to ensure repairs are complete and operating properly.Replace spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor button, etc.
  • Check all systems for proper operation and make necessary adjustments.
  • Changes oil, checks and replaces brakes, changes filters, lubricates fittings and moving parts, checks for loose nuts and bolts and tightens when necessary.
  • Checks belts and tightens or replaces as necessary.
  • Removes wheels and tires and makes necessary repairs.
  • Mounts and balances vehicle and heavy equipment tires.
  • Maintains tire inventory for shop and advises shop supervisor of orders needed.
  • Inspects tires on vehicles and equipment to ensure tires are safe for operation.May assist in other departments as needed.
  • Maintains and cleans shop to ensure work area is free of debris and possible safety hazards.Operates two-way radio to send and receive messages.
  • May perform arc welding duties to patch or repair minor repairs.
  • Attends weekly safety meetings to review proper operation of equipment and receive updated information on changes in procedures.
  • May perform building maintenance duties to include painting, carpentry repairs, equipment installation.
  • Performs additional duties as assigned.


Education & Experience Guidelines
Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the knowledge and abilities required for this position would be:

High School Diploma, GED or equivalent training and experience

Three (3) years experience in automotive and heavy equipment mechanics OR appropriate combination of training and experience.

Licenses or Certifications Required
Hold valid state issued drivers license

The following generally describes the knowledge and abilities required in order to successfully perform the assigned duties of the position:

Knowledge of:

  • Vehicles and equipment repair and maintenance to include overhauling engines and major assemblies, repairs, tuning and preventive maintenance.
  • Organization and operational procedures of vehicle maintenance shop of Public Works Department.
  • Safety rules and procedures
  • Reading Skills comprehend operator and reference manuals, directives, gauges and indicators
  • Writing Skills to prepare non-complex forms and records

Ability to:

  • Follow instructions and efficiently complete tasks
  • Exercise judgment particularly in tasks involving safety of self and others or efficiency of operations.
  • Work as a member of a team.
  • Verbal communication skills to converse with supervisors, crew members, and coworkers regarding work related activities.
  • Math skills to count, add and subtract numbers to select appropriate size tools and and determine correct amount of fluids to be used.
  • Skills to diagnose mechanical problems with vehicles and equipment.
  • Skill to safely operate vehicles and equipment to ensure repairs are properly completed.
  • Skills in using shop equipment in include air buffer, welding torch and hydraulic lifts.

Physical Demands & Working Environment

The conditions herein are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the city encourages both prospective and current employees to discuss potential accommodations needed to perform the essential duties of this position.

Environment: Primarily outdoors with exposure to extreme heat and inclement weather

Physical Demands: See accompanying page for details

Key Working Relationship: Chief Mechanic, coworkers and other City employees.